Role of Public Transport in MaaS & MoD – Iomob Open Mobility Webinar

  • Host: Iomob
  • Date: 14th Jan 2021
  • Time: 11:00 am

Here, Iomob will be covering the topic of “Role of Public Transport in MaaS & MoD”.  Public transport is the backbone of any urban mobility system, and this is especially true when it comes to the successful deployment of a MaaS / MoD platform.  To ensure public transport is front and center in the equation, they will be exploring the following topics in this month’s webinar episode:

Impact of COVID on Public Transport
Active Transportation & Last Mile to Support Public Transport
Public Transport Customer Relationship and User Experience in MaaS & MoD
Digital Ticketing Options and Alternatives in MaaS & MoD
How MaaS & MoD Can Boost Sustainable Mobility in the “Return to Normal”
Joining us on the panel discussion are esteemed MaaS industry leaders including:

Lidia Signor, Combined Mobility Manager (UITP)
Thomas Deloison, Director Mobility (WBCSD)
Jesper Johansson, CEO (Transformo)
Boyd Cohen, CEO (Iomob)
Webinar will moderated by Iomob’s Chief Marketing Officer, Scott Shepard