N-CATT Seeking White Paper/Guidebook Proposals

  • Date: September 8, 2020

The National Center for Applied Transit Technology (N-CATT) is soliciting proposals from consulting firms to develop a series of guidebooks and white papers to be published on the N-CATT website.

Topics include: Connected Vehicles, Data Practices, Clean Energy Adoption, Software Adoption, Transit Website Strategies, and Public Engagement.

Each guidebook and white paper will require a separate proposal. Questions for each are due by September 17, and answers will be posted on this page. Final proposals for each solicitation are due September 30. See links below for full solicitations and details.

Solicitation Questions and Answers

White Paper on Connected Vehicles

Guidebook on Data Practices

Guidebook on Virtual Public Engagement

Guidebook on Adopting Green Energy

Guidebook on Adopting New Software

White Paper on Effective Transit Website Strategies