Technology Strike Teams

In 2020, N-CATT is providing in-depth technical assistance through Innovative Technology Strike Teams to selected rural, small-urban, and/or tribal transit agencies that will give their leadership and partners the opportunity to collaborate in a focused setting on identified goals for the system, potential technological solutions, and planning for implementing those solutions. The Technology Strike Team collaboration will result in an actionable plan.

The selected agencies for Technology Strike Team technical assistance are:

    • Redwood Coast Transit Authority in Crescent City, CA
    • Bloomington Public Transportation Corporation in Bloomington, IN

N-CATT has also selected Innovative Technology Guidance Teams that will help the selected rural, small-urban, and/or tribal transit agencies and one transportation coalition to refine their technology vision and goals, and assist with developing valuable partnerships and plans to reach those goals.

The selected agencies for Technology Guidance Team technical assistance are:

    • Ardent Solutions, Inc. in Wellsville, NY
    • Bay Area Rural Transit Commission in Ashland, WI
    • Carolinas Alliance for Innovation in Greenville, SC

Specific technologies that the Strike Teams will assist with may include:

  1. Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and One-Call/One-Click/One-Tap building block technologies and capacities that support MaaS strategies;
  2. Ridehailing, microtransit and other on-demand services that complement traditional fixed-route transit service;
  3. Automated vehicle planning and pilots;
  4. Real-time transit information;
  5. Open source software that enables interoperability of systems (such as GTFS and GTFS-Flex);
  6. Fare integration;
  7. Open data;
  8. Electric buses and related charging infrastructure or facilities; or
  9. Other potential technologies